Auto devices that make Car Insurance cheaper

The automobile industry is rapidly evolving and bringing new features for insurers to deal with. But apart from the improvements introduced by car manufacturers there are also many new technologies that can be purchased separately for the car. Some of them can be simply useful and entertaining such as MP3 and DVD players, while others can be more beneficial in terms of security and car insurance.

Now the latter is certainly more interesting since car owners these days are very eager to get their hands on cheap car insurance. And if there are any devices they can fit into their cars to get lower rates they will certainly do it. So which auto devices should you get in order to obtain cheap car insurance?

Anti-theft devices

First and foremost, you should think about equipping your car with proper anti-theft devices, and the more the better. The modern market of security devices is abundant with various mechanisms ranging in construction, price and purpose. However, insurance companies usually prefer giving out generous discounts to those who get advanced devices rather than the cheapest models.

Think of more expensive alarm systems, electronic immobilizers, central locks and other more sophisticated features if you really want to get that discount. However, even the simplest mechanical immobilizers such as the steering wheel bar can be very effective when combined with other security measures. Just don’t forget to contact the insurer after equipping your with all these devices to opt for a discount.

Vehicle tracking systems

Vehicle tracking systems represent the latest thing in the world of vehicle security. The concept of these systems is simple – tracking down the vehicle in real-time via a satellite system such as GPS. Some of these devices can be linked to the car’s on-board GPS module while other come as separate modules that the company installs into the car. While these systems are relatively new they have already shown an impressive 90% return rate of all the stolen vehicles equipped with such devices. Needless to say, the insurance company will automatically offer you a discount if you install one of those. However, even the cheapest of such devices costs over $1,000 so it may be not the cheapest thing to consider buying for your car.


The term “smartbox” comes from the British insurers who were among the first to offer the pay-as-you-drive insurance system. The main idea behind this system is somewhat similar to the security tracking system only that the main intent here is to monitor the driving patterns and overall distance driven by the customer in order to offer a personalized rate that reflects only the driving behavior and not any additional factors such as age, education and so on. The system is already being offered by several large insurance companies in the US and they will install one of such “smartboxes” for free if you sign up with a respective policy. Usually, this method offer very affordable car insurance to those who respect traffic rules and drive less than average.

Additional safety devices

While the majority of important safety features usually come from the factory, you can still take some measures to improve the safety of your vehicle if you feel that it’s not as good as it has to be. Seatbelts are the easiest to change and there are many improved seatbelt designs that make the feature more comfortable and safer. Installing seats with head restraints will reduce the risk of neck injury in case of a rear and side collision, so make sure to think about it of that’s an option. Also make sure that all the airbags are installed properly and ready to work when necessary. In general, you should look out for more safety features when buying the car if you want to get cheaper car insurance.

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