Life Insurance Settlement – Life Settlement Investments & The Life Insurance Settlement Association

The Life Settlement Process – Life Settlement Investments & The Life Insurance Settlement Association

By Bill Blue

If you are thinking about selling your life insurance policy for cash, you may be searching for the life insurance settlement association in order to find a life settlement broker to help you cash in on the life settlement investments you’ve made through payments¬†on your life insurance policy.

You may be wondering just what to expect and just how the process works and how long it may take. Here an outline of how the process will work that will give you more of an idea of what will happen throughout the process. Life settlement investments in the form of life insurance policy / policies are helping many people by providing cash as a reward for the investment. We provide broker settlement services such as recommended by the life insurance settlement association.

Selling your policy can take on average from three to six months. Your first step will be to contact a licensed settlements broker who will quickly determine whether your and your policy are candidates for life insurance settlement. If you are on the ball and submit all information requested in a timely manner, this application process should take from one to three weeks.

The next thing your settlements broker will request is your medical records. These records will be sent to most likely two independent underwriters who will evaluate your life expectancy. An estimate of how long you may live is a part of how the settlement funds are determined. These reports usually come back from an underwriter in about a week after they have been received.

Once your life settlements broker has received all of this information back, he will package your information and submit your file to various providers who will in turn bid on your life settlement amount. Interested life settlement providers will usually respond within one or two weeks. Your life settlements broker will of course choose the highest bid and present your life settlement to you. One you have agreed to the bid of choice, your life settlement broker will then initiate the paperwork that will consumate your final life settlement.

Because there are some many aspects to this whole process, you can help speed things along by providing all requested information quickly and by making sure your responses are accurate and thorough. This entire process can take months dues to all of the different groups involved. You can facilitate a more speedy process by being timely in your responses to any information requested from you.

There is no need to search for a life insurance settlement broker recommendation, as we are licensed professionals fully equipped to help you liquidate your life settlement investments. For fast, friendly professional broker settlement services click here, or complete the provided form. A member of our licensed professional settlement broker team will contact your shortly after you’ve submitted your contact information.

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